T-Rio, The Hot Brazilian Triplets


Gorgeous Brazilian Triplets, T-Rio

Exotic, gorgeous, and talented—this is how we can refer to T-Rio. Thaisa, Thayana, and Thaina Sco are triplets who were born and raised in Brazil. As well as their talent in singing, dancing, and acting, these siblings can also speak in four different languages, mainly Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French.

There is no surprise why these triplets can sing and dance at a high performance level. It is for the reason that they come from a family of music-lovers. The sisters grew up with their parents who are both inclined to singing and playing musical instruments. At a very young age, they grew to the music of classics in the music industry like the Beatles and Stevie Wonder. As early as the age of three, they began learning how to dance by enrolling in a formal dance school.

t-rio, brazilian triplets, Thayana, Thaisa, Thaina
At age’s six to seven, they pursued modeling and acting which lead them to perform in a number of plays. At 12, the sisters started composing their own songs. Two years later, they began their professional careers as total performers. They were hired to perform in theatrical productions and contemporary dance shows in Brasilia. At 15, they moved to Sao Paulo where they performed in live acoustic shows.

In 2004, the trio was discovered by the owner of Sony/BMG Records after they performed in a Parisian jazz club. That was the break that made them produce their debut album with their first single “Choopeta – Mamae Eu Quero”. It sold over two million copies in more than 25 countries world-wide. The hit song topped the charts in various countries for a couple of weeks. This made them win several awards from countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Romania, Morocco, Thailand, the Philippines, and Canada. Then they joined the international pop sensation 3T to record a romantic version of Chicago’s hit entitled “If You Leave Me Now.”


Besides, there is more to love about these good-looking and extremely talented ladies. They also take responsibility to the surroundings by helping spread environmental awareness around the world. T-Rio became aware of the importance of the Amazon Rainforest at a very young age. Thus, they manage Ama Zone Green Store which sells nature-inspired clothing for men, women, infants and children.

Visit Their Website at: http://www.t-rioworld.com

t-rio, brazilian triplets, Thayana, Thaisa, Thaina

t-rio, brazilian triplets, Thayana, Thaisa, Thaina

t-rio, brazilian triplets, Thayana, Thaisa, Thaina

***  Exquisite Photos Courtesy of T-Rio. Used With Permission.

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